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One of the best ways to stay up and running is to establish a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. With an agreement in place, AAA Scale agrees to routinely inspect and test scales and weighing devices at your job site. Routine Preventive Maintenance of equipment will entail the following:
  • Pre-inspection for physical problems and levelness.
  • Testing for weight accuracy with known weights. 
  • Testing for counting accuracy by sampling and counting with known units.
  • Making calibrations as necessary.  All adjustments and repairs, which require new parts, structural changes or machine work, will be invoiced at the guaranteed PMA rates.
  • Completion of an inspection report stating make, model, serial numbers, location, capacity, pre-inspection accuracy and corrected accuracy if applicable.
  • Placement of an signed inspection sticker showing date serviced and the date of the next scheduled Preventative Maintenance service call.

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ISO Certification

ISO Certification